It’s SUMMER!!!!! Summer for me means endless days of listening to Pandora. My sister, cousin, and I have made pretty much the best Pandora ever, starting last summer with about 5 stations and now with over 70 stations. (We spend A LOT of the summer time with Pandora!!) Believe it or not but we can start listening to music around 9:00 a.m, after lots of laughter and bad singing we look up at the clock and it’s 2 o’clock already. We finally have figured out the key to long summer days!! Today we are going to share some of our favorite Pandora radio stations with you…..

Hairspray – Plenty of goofy show tunes to spend hours dancing to. When we run out of skips on this channel we go straight to the Annie radio station, it’s a good second stop for this type of music.









Josh Groban – My personal favorite…. great thinkin’ music. Songs get really long on this station though… you’ve been warned!











Jar of Hearts – This station is full of songs we can sing at the top of our lungs. Note: Volume should be in the mid 40s range when listening to this!!











Opera – We’re fans…..









The Beatles – Allison’s all time favorite. If you doubt this station not being full of great classics… YOU. ARE. CRAZY.  (Btw who loves this picture??)









Jazz – Any time we can do “jazz hands” we are happy! 😀










Summer is just starting, come August who knows how may Pandora stations we will have. If you don’t have some of these stations be sure to add them, they won’t disappoint!







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10 Opinions


I haven’t posted ANY this week. Sorry for the lack of posts. Here’s 10 more of my opinions….

1. Seersucker – Can you have enough of this stuff? This is definitely my new clothing obsession for now.

2. The Dentist – I don’t like going to the doctor but I’d gladly go willingly to the doctor before going to the dentist any day! Really though it’s not the dentist himself I have such a strong dislike against it’s the hygienist. ;/

3. Chinese food – Can’t decide what I like most, the good food or the most marvelous of marvelous naps after eating the food?

4. Career Shopping – looking from the numbers you liked this post…. A LOT! And that’s great because I loved doing it. So if you or anyone you know has a cool job please let me know so I can see if I can shadow them for a day.

5. Aldi – This is not my “favorite grocery store of all times” by any means but knowing the owners of this store also own the store that does hold the title of my “favorite grocery store of all times” (Trader Joe’s) it makes me like it a little more. My Mom only shops at this store so I go to Aldi pretty much “aldi” time and I’m slowly beginning to like it. (PUN INTENDED! Haha I crack myself up.)

6.  The Campaign – Oh my stinkin’ goodness I can not wait for this movie to come out. I have extremely high standards for it though, I predict that it might just replace Talladega Nights for me! ;0 What do you think are my hopes to high? (Click on the words “The Campaign” to watch the trailer.)

7. White Water Rafting – Those of you who don’t know, I recently joined a Venturing Crew. I went on my first camp out with my crew this past weekend and had a blast! We went white water rafting, I swear I could have stayed on the water permanently. I LOVED IT!

8. Ginger Ale – Favorite drink. I mean it always taste good whether you’re sick, on an airplane, watching TV, or just want to have a good taste in your mouth it’s the perfect drink.

9. Howard Stern – First off I’d like to say that I can hardly stand to watch America’s Got Talent. However I like the way this guy judges and it might be one last reason to watch the show.

10. Geocachers – Where do you classify these people? (Me being one of the “people” so you better think hard before you answer 🙂 ) Are they/we just adventures people, nerds, amazing, weird, cool, people with no lives? I think it’s a hard thing to judge until you actually go do it. So before answering my question up there, download the geocache app, go find the nearest cache to you, then you may come back and answer my question! (:

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I’m going to go see this movie in theaters!!!!!!!!!




Career Shopping


Yes, I’m just 14 years old and don’t actually have to pick my career for a good many years, but I’ve had this great idea for a while now about going and observing/participating in as many different types of careers as I possibly can and then blogging about them. Much like I shop, I like to try on things more than I actually end up buying them. This is some what the way this blog thing is going to work. I’m fascinated with growing up and getting a job of my own. (Some may say I’m wishing my life away, I’m perfectly okay with you thinking that.) I see this opportunity as a great way to experience and discover different jobs while still getting to stay young and not grow up too fast.

To kick this new segment of my blog off…. I’d like to start big!! Today I spent the day with the lovely Nancy Grace, her twins, and her staff. For those of you who don’t know Nancy, she is from Macon, was raised up in Liberty United Methodist church, went to Mercer University, before ever becoming famous she was a very successful trial lawyer in Atlanta, has twin children, and was recently on Dancing with the Stars. I’ve known and heard stories about her all my life. I remember one year in 2nd or 3rd grade for career day I dressed up like Nancy. She has and will always be one of my biggest inspirations. To be able to spend the whole day watching her perform her job was phenomenal!

My day went a little like this…. Nancy was filming here in Macon so I arrived where filming was going on around 11:00 ish. I saw big satellites and lots of fancy equipment, I turned the corner and Nancy was walking down the hall, she greeted me and she was off to work. I followed her into where she was getting her hair and make-up done, she introduced me to some of her people, and then offered me a Krispy Kreme Doughnut. (I was thinking in my head at this moment the song from Annie “I Think I’m Gonna Like it Here“.)  To say the least she is one busy person!! Nancy asked me to pick up some wires (cases) and read them out loud to her. If you know me at all you know I hardly read to myself good much less out loud. Very willingly I said “OF COURSE”. I gotta give it to myself, I did alright.

Nancy’s 4 year-old twins, John David and Lucy are the cutest! (That’s coming from someone who rarely thinks kids are “cute”.) Lucy loved helping put on Nancy’s make-up. I got to spend more time with John David than Lucy though. John David is like a little man. You can talk with him about any thing and he can carry on a full conversation! They are both very nice kids to be around.

In my opinion Nancy has 3 different careers, TV star, lawyer, and a Mom. I think she does a great job at doing all of them! After my day with her I can finally say with confidence that I know why I’ve looked up to her for all these years. She speaks her full opinion and does things until the task is completed. Even though it’s a difficult career, I think her job is great! I’d love to be as successful as she is one day in my career. Thank you Nancy for this great experience! 🙂

Thanks for reading! Does someone you know or you have a cool job? If so let me know so I can set up a day where I can observe them too. I look forward to all the opportunities I’m going to have from this! Don’t forget to comment and share!   






10 Opinions


Hold in all of your excitement, I’m about to give you 10 more of my opinion…..

1. Published!!!! – If you are STILL living under that rock you have been living under for a while  now, and you haven’t heard yet…. you are reading the words of a published writer! It is just in Milledgeville Living but I have to start somewhere and I think this is a great start.   ***Warning- I will be telling everyone and anyone about this for at least the next month and maybe a half. Just kidding, but you have been warned.

2. The Amanda Show – I ordered the first season from Netflix and I just watched it, SO DISAPPOINTED. I must have been a plain weirdo when I was little to find this show funny. It is not funny at all! Don’t agree…. order it for yourself and find out.

3. Watermelon – That stuff defines summer for me!

4. May – I just might be the happiest person about it not being April anymore. That month is way too long!

5. Concerts – Such silly things aren’t they! I recently went to two completely different types of concerts back to back. I enjoyed them both for different reasons, but at both concerts I asked myself why in the world do I come to these things? I mean a majority of the time, sound isn’t that magnificent, lighting is not so hot either, and I really begin to think that I liked the music better sitting in my room. However I guess by the end of each concert while my ears are ringing loud, I know it’s worth it because I am potentially breathing in the talented  air of my favorite singers!

6. My blog – I read my blog for the first time today. I’m pretty impressed with myself because I actually Laughed Out Loud at my own blog.

7. Summer Reading – One word….. EW. (<— In the voice of Jimmy Fallon. For the people from the community of  “rocks” LOOK IT UP!)

8. Menchies – I can’t remember if I’ve given my opinion on this place before, but I will tell you now…. Not a fan! What can I say… I’m “Team La’berry” !!

9. Tina Fey – This woman is probably one of my biggest role models. There was a quote from Tina in People Magazine that I liked a lot. “For me, a sense of humor is the easiest way to assess someones intelligence. There are no super dumb people who are funny on purpose. There are super dumb people who are funny and don’t realize it. But if someone is funny, they have some kind of intelligence.”

10. Statesboro – As of Friday around 7, I’m headed to my favorite little town in the world. YAY


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Are you happy it’s May? 



We are kinda ready for summer….. so here are a few tips that might help with these last 3 weeks that are no good.


1. Brush your teeth a lot. You know the old saying, “Time flies while brushing those pearly whites!”












2. Go outside and climb a mountain…. or in the case that you have no mountains in your backyard, climb the steps like this…







3. Act like you are Harry Potter….











4. Dream about just how good summer will be once it get’s here…









5. At this point you will be going a bit crazy, hang in there….








6. Read a book…. OR NOT. (geez)….










7. Write an encouraging letter….










8. Be happy because summer is just a few days away…..










Thanks for reading hope these tips will help summer come faster for you!  Don’t forget to comment and share! 



Have you ever really thought about what you think about specific artists/genres of music? I have about 1500 songs on my iPod, knowing about half of them. I generally like to listen to my music by artist. I have a strong opinion about pretty much everything but some of my strongest opinions are of music. Like I’ve said in past post I’m so picky when it comes to music! Today I’m going to tell you some things I think about certain artist or types of music I listen to. The music I’ll talk about is just music I tend to listen to at night when I’m going to sleep. (Note- if you but your iPod under your pillow on medium volume it literally sounds like a symphony is under there. It’s great) (:  …….


Harry Connick, Jr. :

  • His music is a great alternative to listening to Christmas music when it’s not Christmas!
  • Listening to Harry really makes me hungry for benyas.
  • Buying this album was a tough decision for me. Totally worth it, I could fall to sleep to this every night!

Dixie Chicks :

  • I use to enjoy listening to them at night but gosh, I think not any more.
  • There’s a line between night-time and day time music and they pass it.
  • I’m tired of the Dixie Chicks for life. (Pun intended)

Chris August :

  • It’s usually a “Starry Night” when you listen to him. (;
  • I like C. August!

Corey Smith :

  • I bet people get tired of me thinking about Corey…. sorry I just don’t see it fit to write a post about music and not include him.
  • I do love Corey Smith but I can only listen to him during the day. Otherwise I’ll stay up singing along and not dozing off!
  • I like Corey.

Dolly Parton :

  • Do other people connect with her music as much as I do or am I just weird?
  • Listening to Dolly at night is like getting told a different bedtime story each 3 minutes. Yawnnnn*

Patsy Cline :

  • There’s a sense of comfort when I listen to Pasty…. ha
  • I sing along with her songs too so it can be a hard challenge to fall asleep.
  • “Crazy” much?

Christmas Music :

  • I do indeed listen to Christmas music even when it’s not Christmas time. I mean what am I suppose to do only play it one month of the year and just let it take up valuable space on my phone? I don’t think so.
  • Chuck Leavell’s Christmas album is where it’s at!

The Allman Brothers Band :

  • I listen to them a lot at night, they sound good plus I have a ton of their songs so it doesn’t turn off quick.
  • Sometimes I think I like the Allman Brothers more just because they’re from Georgia and I’m okay with that.


Well that’s it for today. Thanks for reading don’t forget to SHARE and COMMENT! Thanks!









Random/Update/Mostly Random


Wow! I haven’t blogged in forever. You all need to get caught up so here….

* I think they hired new people at Jittery Joe’s and it is really bothering me.

* I got back from my youth groups spring retreat yesterday. I wish every person I know had the chance to experience how strong our God is like I did this week! I learned a ton more about God, myself, and the other people in my youth group. I don’t know if you have heard, but my youth group is amazing. With them things are perfect…. things are exactly as they should be.

* I deeply miss Parks and Recreation.

* My family went to Statesboro the other day. I had forgotten just how much I loved that little town. I’m glad I was reminded.

* I found the website last week and I must say that I’ve never liked an online store this much. ( Not that I can even afford a pair of socks from this place.) They sell retro bathing suits and I just know I could pull one of those off.

* The Masters are this week. Not only do I love to watch the Masters, I love this time of year. It is so pretty outside! I’m not getting to go this year but I’ve been a couple of times in past years. Eating a tuna salad sandwich and watching golf while surrounded by beautiful azaleas has to be one of my favorite places/things to do! My only bad experience at the Masters is that when I was about 8 I left my best jacket there. I regret that so very often.

* Just thought about how close summer is and that makes me happy! 🙂

* Zaxby’s is still so good. Just FYI.

* Titanic anyone? I want to go see it in 3D so bad. Opinions on if it’s worth it?

Hopefully that wasn’t toooo random for you. I’ll get back on track with posting more probably next week. Hope every one has a great Easter! Don’t forget to comment and share! Thanks! 











I miss Tom Haverford! If anyone knows when this show is coming back on, it would be kind of you to tell me!